Saturday, August 28, 2010

Beauty in Harlem, a new beginning.

Live Jazz at Marcus Garvey Park while enjoying grub from Uptown Juice Bar. "A healthy community is a wealthy community." Bought an altar piece made from the people of Gineau, on the western coast of Africa. Cannot wait to meditate to Jamaican copal. Will finally begin African danza tomorrow!

You know how they say those whom you meet for the least amount of time could make the biggest impression in your life. Well it's true.

I met an elder at a store where they sell all African tela, dresses, bags, and jewlery. While looking for tela to make curtains and pillows he said if he could ask me three questions. We ended up having an amazing conversation about Rastafarianism, conquest, and commitment. Lucha=Assata, I shared with him the story behind my name. Tlazocamatli Ifa Tune Wa Shae, I hope our paths are meant to cross once more.

An elder who I sat next to while J.D. Allen's music described how the mayor has charges against him for stealing money from the city. Once the mayor who is running again got up there several people booed at him. I shared with him a similar experience with Villaragosa at the Dolores Huerta 80th bday concert. Must be a good puppet if they can continue talking through all that. The politrikkks will never end.

I layed down to rest my back and saw too many palomas to count. Reminiscing, nine years old now twenty-two. Signs of hope. I know I am in the right direction.

A brother with locks saw me and said, "Those feathered earrings are from the imperialist." I told him how the imperialist took our sacred feathers and burned them like they did with our gold and silver. Smiling he said, "I was just testing you. You do know whats up." He invited me to join the drum circle. 

While feeling the vibrations of the drum circle, wishing I didn't have so much to carry so I could have just let my body lose itself in the rhythms, I had a conversation with a sista about how I feel a deep connection to African danza. "Of course, its simple. You just let yourself go, let your spirit dance. There is no right way of doing it. Anyone can do it."

On my way home to Washington Heights I saw the brother that Xam and I met by the Apollo. On our first encounter he wanted to remind us that Black people today are in no condition different then all the pictures he showed us of Black people being lynched. Learning to resist... Resisting to learn....

Gates are meant to intensify the violence and suppression. Columbus-ia might not let us all in, but the struggle to hustle and get by continues. The learning by doing continues. For some reason, I am more excited to hit the streets than to hit the books. Feliz como lumbris, aver que sorpresa me encuentro mañana!