Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Amor Profundo

Pertenesco en el viento
escape infinito
sin rumbo
me escapo

si pudiera entrar al oceano
quisiera que fuera
d e s p a c i o
ese mar eterno
comienza y termina
en el mismo momento

estoy volando
en cielos reconocidos
donde en mis sueños
nadie dijo que no se pudo

miles veces me despierto
una vida llena de recuerdos
pudiera recorer el mundo
conozer lo desconocido
ser espectador de todo
ganarme el gran loto
pero solo a realizar que lo unico
que necesito
es esto que tengo
profundamente adentro

camino soñando
con brazos abiertos
abrazando lo derramado
como si nunca me hubiera ahogado
en un amor fracacionado

sigo luchando 
y muchas veces me caigo
pero sin llanto
y muy despacio
me levanto

al fin es solo un amor profundo
que nadie supo
pero como el fuego
se entrego

Sunday, January 15, 2012

They Resist. We Survive.

we tried for so long
never gave up
kept up the faith
till the very end
now we are near the edge of our own creation
a creation story ready to unfold
this time through our own making

some may fear cuz they have driven us close to the edge
i am free cuz i made this life my own
a place, a space, a way to exist
a beginning point in a lifetime of struggle
not gonna give in
not gonna give my strength away
not gonna let it funnel to a system of death

i am who i make it
it begins in the now
in the way that we eat
behave, sustain
in the way we relate
to each other
to our mother of flesh and blood
but also to the one that sustains us all
the one made of earth, wind, water, and fire
it is She the reason we are still alive
for all those who have yet to recognize
get it with
but not for show
for the seeds we have yet to see grow
a clandestine movement of rebirth
to recultivate the soil beneath our feet
those who prepare will be the ones to survive
to tell the story of how we traveled the world
only to learn that we had to return
to where we come from
this meant we had to unlearn
these eyes
from the ways we was hypnotized
a painful process
of letting go

for so many years we had to hold back
we did what we had to do to survive
living in the moment
to feed our beybehs
the best we could
with all our strength
we worked the land
for the masters greed
leaving us only the scraps eat
but we did what we could
with all that we were given
making something outta nothing
and from it gave birth to our imaginations
a way to envision another realidad
to put it into practice
when times were hard
but no mo' junk food
just food for thought
take it or leave it
get with it or get left behind
cuz we been ready
yeah a lil crazy
preparing with the gun
to take the steps necessary
to enter that space where dreams collide
where rebels rise up
to defend our visions
and go beyond resistance

the world as we know it is in the final chapter
the world as we make it has only begun
now i know that i may sound a lil hungry
but the reality is
i am a starving child
not gonna die in this generation
with my hands locked in chains
we gotta harvest our own creations
cuz the city is a tumblin' down
rapidly we losing our occupations
from mental enslavement
no mo' state governance
of our bodies, of our minds
the demise of the power structure begins
in the now
now for those who is too scared
to think without being told
how to heal
i dare ya to take a leap
cuz you aint alone
this tradition is over 500 years old

for the ones that came before us
this one is for you
but for us too
cuz we one and the same
ancestral roots give life to the veins
that sustain our strength
as these prayer rise with the smoke
from the ashes will be born
another sun
we reach out for its light
with open arms
staring straight with eyes
that can tap into the soul
into that otha realm
its inevitable
the story has already been told

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I wanna be enough
that when you with me
you want nobody else
that you will miss me
when i am away
sway with the rhythms
of my own motions
don't gotta rock em off the boat
trust that with time
my emotions will only grow
its coo with me
if you aint there with me
or if i aint there with you
for me it don't even matter
so long as we goin in the same direction