Tuesday, December 4, 2012

it was just my imagination... running away with me

nostalgic of a past that will never manifest in the future

a hopeful romantic that romanticizes love even in the midst of war

insecure of my own strength but i am learning it is what has made me strong

terca because i love costumbre and long for stability

but dang, bad habits ARE hard to break

and the hard life has become routine

i blame myself because i am a risk-taker and i hate rules as much as followers

i don't know when to give up even if it consumes the best of me

when everyone tells me it won't work, i only try harder

i guess i am a dreamer but why is that so wrong?

when i didn't lose hope in you, you didn't tell me to snap out of it

yes i have a divided mind

my dreams contradict and my reality is not much different

i have yet to accept that sometimes giving up is OK

we all have our own journey and learning processes

i can no longer get broken hearted because a mended heart never forgets

i am a forever kinda girl because fuck it, nothing is forever

yet while everything changes- my commitment, loyalty, and trust remain the same

i only wish i could realize that forever is only momentarily

like the people that come into our lives, we too will one day go

i am where i come from, but where i want to be is up to me

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